Symposium: Interdisciplining Knowledge Cultures? On the Politics of Translation in the Age of Technoscience, 08-10.01.2009, Braunschweig

TU Braunschweig Zentrum für Gender Studies / Gleichstellungsbüro Gastprofessorin Dr. Jutta Weber, Braunschweig
Zeit: 08.-10.01.2009
Ort: Altgebäude der TU Braunschweig, Pockelsstraße 4, Neuer Senatssitzungssaal
While interdisciplinary exchange between cultures of knowledge has not been unknown to modern science, this exchange rapidly increased with the emergence of technosciences in the post World War II period. Many technoscientists but also social scientists as well as scholars from the humanities had and still have the feeling that the classical approaches can not provide answers to today’s demands, challenges and questions. Therefore interdisciplinarity comes out of a need for new methods and conceptional frames to find innovative solutions. For example, the emergence of the radical interdisciplinary field of cybernetics could be interpreted as an answer to the messy and uncanny complexity of the postmodern world. In the last decades, we find intense discussion between such diverse fields as philosophy, artificial intelligence and neurosciences, between ecology and the social sciences and a growing interest of technosciences in art.
The transfer of concepts, ideas and knowledge is a central element of the dynamic of science and of theories since the 1950s, but the effects of these transfers had not been analyzed within the disciplines themselves. Mostly (interdisciplinary working) science & technology studies scholars have reconstructed the transfer of metaphors and concepts throughout divergent disciplines making visible the frequent knowledge travel between the so-called hard and soft sciences.
In our workshop we want to discuss the function and outcomes of the interdisciplinary knowledge transfer between technosciences, social sciences, humanities and arts. We ask whether this new and intensified exchange between diverse disciplines will result in a more restrictive, formal (biocybernetic) culture of interdisciplining, in which the input from the social sciences and humanities is used by the technosciences primarily as a resource for technoscientific innovation and the technoscientific input is primarily used for the formalization and scientification of the humanities. Or is the interdisciplinary transfer of knowledge and concepts moving towards a new creative interdisciplinary technoculture?
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