Conference: Global Gender Equality Politics Since the 1960’s, 10.-11.09.2013, Stockholm

In cooperation with Södertörns högskola. Funded by Riksbankens Jubileumsfond and Stockholm University
Time: 10.-11.09.2013
Veneu: Stockholm University
Sessions (PDF), Program (PDF)
The theme of the conference addresses ongoing gender equality politics as well as legislation against gender discrimination as a part of transnational transformations. The concepts of human rights, gender equality and anti-discrimination legislation have gradually become more and more accepted on a comprehensive global level and have been given a prominent position in the official rhetoric. In most Western states, gender equality politics and “state feminism” have become a self-evident part of political development, including legislation, gender equality reforms, measures and institutions such as gender equality ombudsmen. However, … read more (Web)

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