CfP: Approaching Utopian Corporealities (Event: Norrköping), Deadline: February 9th 2009

ACSIS conference: Kultur~Natur
Norrköping 15-17 juni 2009

“Aspirins, deodorants, organ transplants and plastic surgery … all harbor muted promises of a transfigured body.”

The supplements provide us with “measured doses of Utopian excess,” Jameson writes in Archaeologies of the Future.

But how can we envision utopian corporealities that are more fully excessive? Can utopian excess be about diversity, for instance, in ethnicity or gender? Or is it forever contaminated with the idea of the universal, common, ideal, beautiful mainstream body?

How radically can we think a utopia that remains compatible with actual bodies? How would it relate to a multiplicity of desires and fantasies?

The topics for this panel span dance, performance art, fashion and drag.

We welcome utopian(?) considerations of utopian(?) bodily practices and constructions. Please submit your abstract by February 9th – or drop us a note if you need a few more days.

Kalle Westerling & Franziska Prechtel
doktorand / ph. d. student
institutionen för musik- och teatervetenskap / the department for musicology and performance studies
och forskarskolan i estetiska vetenskaper / the research school of aesthetics
stockholms universitet / stockholm university
frescativägen 24
106 91 stockholm
t – +46 (0)739 86 59 41
@ –


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