CfP Gender, Work and Organization (Event: 06/2014, Staffordshire); DL: 01.11.2013

8th Biennial International Interdisciplinary Conference of Gender, Work and Organization (Web)

Time: 24.-26.06.2014
Venue: Keele University, Staffordshire, UK
Deadline: 01.11.2013

As a central theme in social science research in the field of work and organisation, the study of gender has achieved contemporary significance beyond the confines of early discussions of women at work. Launched in 1994, Gender, Work and Organization was the first journal to provide an arena dedicated to debate and analysis of gender relations, the organisation of gender and the gendering of organisations. The conference provides an international forum for debate and analysis of a variety of issues in relation to gender studies.

The CfP has 25 different streams (listed in a PDF), like …

  • When the Domestic is also Feminist: Third-Wave Feminism & Subversive Acts Through Unpaid Work in the Home
  • Bodies and intimate relations at work in the practical life of organizations
  • Gender and Globalisation: What do Intersectionality and Transnational Feminism contribute?
  • Generation and Gender in Academia
  • Gendering the creative: creative work, creative industries, creative identities


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