CfA: InterGender Doctoral course: Intersectionality – paradigms and challenges (10/2009, Stockholm); DL: June 1, 2009

October 19-21, the Research School in Interdisciplinary Gender Studies, InterGender, offers a Ph.D.-course, Intersectionality – paradigms and challenges.

The course takes up models and paradigms in gender studies which are recently subsumed under the heading “intersectionality”. There are, however, longstanding traditions of feminist and gender studies as well as – among others – feminist and black political activism which have developed concepts in order to analyse multiple oppressions, complex discriminations, privileges and interdependent domination-relations. Some of them have been adapted and/or re/configured in recent models of intersectionality. The course aims at a critical re-evaluation of this theoretical and methodological development in gender studies, in relation to the students’ own projects.

  • Venue: Centre for Gender Studies, Stockholm University, Sweden
  • Teachers: Prof. Antje Hornscheidt, PhD Renita Sörensdotter
  • Expenses for travel, accommodation and meals will be paid for by the organisers.
  • The number of course participants is limited to 20 Ph.D.-students
  • NB! Deadline for application: June 1 2009.
  • To get more info, and to apply, see InterGenders’ website

The research school InterGender is a collaboration between ten Swedish and three European universities: BLEKINGE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY: Division of Technoscience Studies, GÖTEBORG UNIVERSITY: Gender Studies, LINKÖPING UNIVERSITY: Department of Gender Studies, LINKÖPING UNIVERSITY: Division of Gender & Medicine, LULEÅ UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY: Gender & Technology, LUND UNIVERSITY: Centre for Gender Studies,, ÖREBRO UNIVERSITY: Centre of Feminist Social Studies (CFS), UPPSALA UNIVERSITY: Centre for Gender Research, STOCKHOLM UNIVERSITY: Centre of Gender Studies, UMEÅ UNIVERSITY: Umeå Centre of Gender Studies, (UCGS), HELSINGFORS UNIVERSITY, HELSINKI: Finnish National Doctoral School of Women’s Studies & Gender Studies, and Christina Institute, HUMBOLDT UNIVERSITY, BERLIN: Centre of Transdisciplinary Gender Studies, UTRECHT UNIVERSITY, UTRECHT: Gender Studies Finally, the NORDIC RESEARCH SCHOOL IN INTERDISCIPLINARY GENDER STUDIES is a part of the collaboration


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