Conference: Gender Equality and Student Democracy, 7.-8.6.07, Stockholm

Gender Equality and Student Democracy in Higher Education in Sweden and Romania.
Södertörn University College, Stockholm.
University Babes-Bolyai, Cluj-Napoca
Romanian Cultural Institute, Stockholm
The aim of this conference is to exchange experiences on issues regarding gender equality and student democracy in higher education in Sweden and Romania. Both countries face challenges of democratic principles and European ideals of gender equality and student democracy into higher education. Gender equality is here defined as equality between sexes regarding employment, salaries, and positions e t c. Student democracy concern students’ power to influence education.
The focus will be on experiences on policies, but also realities, as it is usually a discrepancy between these two. The general picture from the two countries will be given by traditional lectures by well-known experts in the two fields. The local case studies >from Södertörn University College and Babeº-Bolyai University will be presented with dialogue presentations with prepared questions. Participants will be from different levels: students, doctoral students, readers and professors. The whole workshop is open for the public.
Day of Arrival Wednesday 6 of June
Arrival of the participants from Cluj-Napoca.

Student Democracy Thursday 7 of June
Place: Södertörn University College. Room MB 503.

09.00—09.30 Presentation and introduction. Vice Dean Bengt Jacobsson.
Project Leader Anders Blomqvist
Swedish Experiences
09.30—10.45 Lecture: Therese Molander, Södertörn University College “Student Democracy in Sweden”
10.45—11.00 Break
11.00—12.15 Dialogue presentation and discussion:
Student Democracy at Södertörn University College
12.15—13.15 Lunch – Mondo
Romanian Experiences
13.15—13.45 Lecture: Silviu Hariton, PhD student Central European University Budapest, “Student Democracy in Romania – a historical perspective”
13.45—14.30 Lecture: Alina Dragolea, PhD student National School of Political and Administrative Sciences, Bucharest “Student Democracy in Romania – present situation”
14.30—14.45 Break
15.00—16.15 Dialogue presentation and Discussion: Student Democracy, Babeº-Bolyai University
Gender Equality Friday 8 of June
Place: Romanian Cultural Institute, Skeppsbron 20.

09.00—09.30 Presentation and introduction
Swedish Experiences
09.30—10.00 Lecture: Prof. Kekke Stadin, Södertörn University College, “Gender Equality in Higher Education in Sweden – a historical perspective”
10.00—10.45 Lecture: Dr. Kristina Abiala, Södertörn University College, “Gender Equality in Higher Education in Sweden – present situation”
10.45—11.00 Break
11.00—12.15 Dialogue presentation: Carin Danielsson, Södertörn University College Gender equality on the Department of Gender, Culture and History, Södertörn University College.
12.15—13.15 Lunch
Romanian Experiences
13.15—14.00 Lecture: Dr. Roxana Cheschebec: “Gender Equality in Higher Education in Romania – a historical perspective”
14.00—15.00 Lecture: Dr Laura Grünberg “Gender Equality in Higher Education in Romania – present situation”
15.00—15.20 Break
15.20—16.45 Dialogue presentation: Gender equality Babeº-Bolyai University
17.00 Reception. Buffet and wine.

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