Portal: FRAGEN: FRAmes on GENder: Core Feminist Texts from the Second Wave of Feminsim in Europe – online!

European research project QUING (Quality in Gender + Equality Politics): FRAGEN | FRAmes on GENder (Website)

For the first time, core feminist texts from the second wave of feminism in Europe have been made available (digitised and full text) to researchers in an easily accessible online database. The FRAGEN project brings together books, articles and pamphlets that were influential in the development of feminist ideas in 29 countries during the second half of the 20th century.

The aim of the project is to facilitate comparative research into the history of feminist thinking in 27 EU countries plus Croatia and Turkey. 29 Countries, 29 partners select core feminist texts in Europe (for Austria: Erna M. Appelt, Hanna Hacker, Margit Hauser and Lisbeth N. Trallori)

The database developed in FRAGEN has two goals:


  • to create a database of the original texts on gender+equality frames that have emerged from feminist movements in Europe.
  • to organize and facilitate open access for researchers to this database.

From 2008 until 2010 European women’s libraries, genderstudies departments and scholars from all over Europe have been working together in the FRAGEN project. The project will be continued.

FRAGEN is part of the European research project QUING (Quality in Gender + Equality Politics), FP6 Integrated project 2006-2011.

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