CfP: Thematic Section on ‘Gendering the Revolutionary Era, 1750-1850 – Comparative Perspectives’ (Event: Charleston, 02/2010); DL: 15.10.2009

The Consortium on the Revolutionary Era, 1750-1850 (CRE) is a venue for the presentation of original research on not only the revolutionary history of Europe, but also the Atlantic World and beyond. We welcome proposals from allied disciplines and comparative studies; in short, the conference offers a platform for research into the revolutionary era broadly defined.

The 2010 conference will be held February 25-27 at the College of Charleston and the Francis Marion Hotel, located in the center of Charleston’s historic district.

A group of scholars who regularly attend the CRE is seeking to organize a series of four panels on gender during the Revolutionary Era and solicits papers for these panels. A roundtable entitled “Gendering the Revolutionary Era, 1750-1850: Comparative Perspectives” will precede the four panels. The themes of the panels are:

  1. Gender, Revolution, and Politics
  2. Gender, War, and Nation
  3. Gender, Empire, and Slavery
  4. Gender, Culture, and Society

By exploring the importance of gender for politics, war, and nationalism; empire building and slavery; as well as culture and society in the Revolutionary Era, we hope to extend the boundaries of the historiography of the period in two directions. First, we seek to advance our knowledge by incorporating a comparative perspective and seeking to explain temporal, regional and national differences and similarities (along with differences constituted by class, race, ethnicity, religion etc). Second, we hope to deepen understanding by crossing disciplinary borders and relating the analysis of discourses, politics, cultures, and practices to gender in the period of the Revolutionary Era.

Please submit paper proposals on topics related to any of these four themes by October 15, 2009. Send a one page abstract and a brief CV to:

Karen Hagemann
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
History Department
Hamilton Hall, CB # 3195
Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27599-3195, USA


Denise Z. Davidson
Georgia State University
History Department
PO Box 4117
Atlanta, GA 30302-4117, USA

We will work to construct the panels based on the proposals we receive. For more details on the CRE and the conference, please visit


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