CfP: Gender, History, Futures (Event: XIth Nordic Women’s and Gender History Conference, 08/2015, Stockholm); DL: 15.12.2014

Sveriges kvinno- och genushistoriker (SKOGH, Swedish Women’s and Gender Historians) (Web); the Department of History, and the Department of Economic History (both at Stockholm Univ.); and the School of Historical and Contemporary Studies and The Centre for Baltic and East European Studies (CBEES) (both at Södertörn Univ.)

Venue: Stockholm
Time: 19.-21.08.2015
Proposals due: 15.12.2014

The organizers would like to bring attention to forward-looking and innovative developments in the field of women’s and gender history, and encourage new empirical, theoretical and methodological perspectives, critical history, and discussions about the future of the discipline. What benefits may women’s and gender historical perspectives bring to the field of history, to academic research in general, and to society? Which are the ongoing and possible future challenges and transformations of the field? Read more and source … (Web)