Weblog: „Home Front Girl. A Diary of Love, Literature, and Growing Up in Wartime America“ 1937-1943 – online!

Home Front Girl Book Cover (2012)A Diary „of Love, Literature, and Growing Up in Wartime America“, written by Chicagoan Joan Wehlen Morrison from ages 14-20 from 1937-1943, edited by her daughter Susan Signe Morrison 2012, (Link)

„This diary of a smart, astute, and funny teenager provides a fascinating record of what an everyday American girl felt and thought during the Depression and the lead-up to World War II. Young Chicagoan Joan Wehlen describes her daily life growing up in the city and ruminates about the impending war, daily headlines, and major touchstones of the era—FDR’s radio addresses, the Lindbergh kidnapping, Goodbye, Mr. Chips and Citizen Kane, Churchill and Hitler, war work and Red Cross meetings. Included are Joan’s charming doodles of her latest dress or haircut reflective of the era. Home Front Girl is not only an entertaining and delightful read but also an important primary source—a vivid account of a real American girl’s lived experiences.“