CfP: Gender and Sexuality in the Global Sixties (Publication and Event, 11/2015, Maryland/US); DL: 01.02.2015

Social Science History Association (SSHA) (Web) Conference and Publication (edited book)

Time: November 12-15, 2015
Venue: Hyatt Regency Baltimore, Maryland
Proposals due: 01.02.2015

The 1960s are often remembered as an era of progressive global liberation when a myriad of social movements gained momentum, when armed revolutionaries toppled governments, and when young people braved fierce opposition in their attempts to push the world towards freedom and equality. We want to draw back this nostalgic curtain to re-examine this crucial decade. Who were the global social actors of the long 1960s? How did they re-imagine society and what actions did they take to either provoke—or resist—change? What were some of the (unexpected) alliances among individuals and groups that emerged in the process? What kinds of conflicts existed, arose, were resolved, or persisted? And how can we trace key points of reference between individuals and groups as they challenged (or upheld) political structures, gender systems, and models of sexual desire? Read more and source … (Web)