CfPanels: Pluralism and Community (Social Science History Association Conference, 11/2015, Baltimore); DL: 14.02.2015

SSHA Women, Gender & Sexuality Network (Web); Dominique Grisard (Basel), Anna Korteweg (Toronto) and Jadwiga E. Pieper Mooney (Arizona)

Venue: Baltimore, Maryland
Time: 12.-15.11.2015
Proposals not later than 14.02.2015

Themes could be:

  • Gender and sexuality in the global sixties
  • Rethinking sexual “revolutions”
  • Fertility regulation, population control, and reproductive rights
  • Monogamy, polygamy, polyamory
  • Pluralization of family forms and functions (e.g. “rainbow”, “patchwork”, single-parent, three-parent-, nuclear families etc.)
  • Feminism and multiculturalism revisited
  • Feminist/queer/intersectional theories of difference
  • … read more and Source (Web)