CfP: Political Masculinities and Social Transition (Event, Landau/GER); DL: 12.03.2015

This is the first of two conferences, with the second one taking place in Cambridge, UK, in 2016 (Website)

Time: 27-29 November, 2015
Venue: Landau University, Germany
Proposals not later than 12. März 2015

Confirmed Keynotes

  • Henri Myrttinen, International Alert, Senior Research Officer on Gender in Peacebuilding
  • Simona Sharoni, Professor of Gender and Women’s Studies, SUNY

We are currently located at a point in history in which we can observe a tremendous number of societies undergoing rapid changes. Such changes influence gender orders within these societies that, in turn, determine their political and social orders. We want to examine the transitions in political masculinities brought about by such refashioned social structures and social systems, which are unfolding locally, at national level and worldwide.

We define “political masculinity” as including any kind of overt “political player” such as representatives/institutions of the state (police, military, intelligence, parliament, monarchies), the state itself, politicians, political parties, trade unions, lobbyists, NGOs, insurgents, political journalism, activists, voters, etc. However, we also emphasise less overt, or “hidden” … read more (Website)