Workshop: Sources For Historians of Love, Sex, and War: Towards Another History of 20th Century Europe, 18.-19.05.2015, Paris

Centre d’histoire de Sciences Po (Web); Elissa Mailänder (Centre d’histoire de Sciences Po); Patrick Farges (Univ. Sorbonne Nouvelle) and Stefanie Schüler-Springorum (Zentrum für Antisemitismus-Forschung, Berlin)
Time: 18.-19.05.2015
Venue: Centre d’histoire de Sciences Po, Paris

  • Participants: Patrick Farges (Paris), Elissa Mailänder (Paris), Christa Hämmerle (Vienna), Emmanuel Debruyne (Louvain), Marie-Christin Lux (Berlin), Clementine Vidal-Naquet (Paris), Laura Hobson Faure (Paris), Irina Costache (Budapest), Julie Le Gac (Irice), Andrew Bergerson (Kansas City), Angel Alcade (Florence), Lorenzo De Sabbata (Paris), Sarah Speck (Darmstadt), Jennifer Evans (Ottawa), Carlos Haas (Munich), Gabrielle Hauth (Clark University) and Matthias Reiss (Exeter University), Programm als PDF

This workshop will launch a two-year research project. Historian Dagmar Herzog has called the 20th century “the century of sex,” while Laura Lee Downs and Kathleen Canning consider it a time when “gender troubles” emerged. Yet, the 20th century also initiated greater equality between the sexes and increasing liberalization of sexual norms and rights. Both categories – gender and sexuality – profoundly shaped the last century. Two world wars, genocide, and … read more … (Web)