CfPanel: Servants‘ past: Interrogating forms of domestic service, 1600-1850 (Event, 07/2016, Warsaw); DL: 30.11.2015

24th European Conference on South Asian Studies

Venue: Warsaw, 2016
Time: 27-30 July 2016
Proposals due: 30.11.2015

The organizers are specifically seeking people who work with vernacular sources within South Asia on a range of related themes of gender, domesticity and labour in early modern and modern periods. However, the focus of the research material and the proposed paper should be on the domestics and the household servants. Papers delineating the complex history of wage and non-wage, slavery and servitude, household and royal courts are very welcome.

This panel is part of the European Research Commission funded project, ‘Domestic Servants in colonial South Asia’. Read more and source … (Web)