Portal: SOPHIE – A Digital Library of Early German Women’s Writing. Auswahl an Volltexten – online!

VenedigThe Sophie Project – A Digital Library of Works by German-Speaking Women (Web)

The student research project aims to incorporate mentored research into undergraduate education (Staff and student researchers). In doing so, students acquire proficiency in library research, document collection, editing, analytical writing as well as expanding their subject knowledge. In doing this, the Sophie Digital Library preserves a large number of early German-language creative works which might otherwise be lost, making them easily available from a single source, at no cost to users.

The Collections

  • The Women’s Movement Collection; dedicated to Waltraud Maierhofer (Web)
  • The Biography and Memories Collection; ded. to Ruth-Ellen Joeres (Web)

  • The Early (Pre-1750) Collection; ded. to Albrecht Classen (Web)
  • The Travel Literature Collection; ded. to Jeannine Blackwell (Web)
  • The Science & Technology Collection (Web)
  • Other collections: Colonial Literature / Poetry / Drama / Translation / Music (Web)

The Mission

  • Bring undergraduates into active participation in significant research as they work with faculty mentors
  • Maintain the Sophie Digital Library as a cost-free source of texts and resources
  • Assist students and scholars of early women’s work
  • Foster the establishment of similar projects in other fields