CfP: Troubling Times for Europe? Families, Migration and Politics (Event: 06/2016, Kraków); DL: 31.01.2016

Institute of Sociology, Jagiellonian University, Kraków, Poland (Web)

Venue: Kraków/Cracow/Krakau
Time: 03.-04.06.2016
Proposals due: 31.01.2016

The presence of families in migration streams is a crucial topic of the political, social and public debates. As researchers, scholars and practitioners witnessing the lives of migrant families, we have both the power and obligation to contribute to a salient discussion on important social issues.

The organizers call for investigations of migrant families in the European free movement space, on the one hand and the studies dedicated to families of refugees in Fortress Europe, on the other hand. They are interested in examining social, cultural, political and national repercussions of both types of mobility processes and in a way ask which lessons learnt from the context of Transnational Families in Europe (Conference Strand 1) can be reappraised and useful for the growing urgency for research and policies pertaining to Refugee Families and Politics in Fortress Europe (Conference Strand 2). In addition, they seek to bring together scholars interested in the dynamics and changes within transnational families in Europe, especially in the Polish context. Read more and source … (Web)