CfP: State and Food Supply during the wars (19th-20th centuries) (Event: 11/2016, Paris); DL: 30.06.2016

GDRI Agriculture, Approvisionnement, Alimentation – CNRS; Organized by Alain Chatriot (SciencesPo, Paris)

Time: 25 November 2016
Venue: Paris, France
Submission of proposals by: 30 June 2016

Modern warfare brought to the forefront the political question of food supply for armies and populations as well as the necessary supply of industry which also required agricultural products. Shortages, the black market, rationing, requisitions, blockades are among the many examples which suggest the value of a more careful study of the exact situations of conflicts surrounding food supply. In such a context, an emphasis on the role of the state does not mean a strict focus on the study of politicians or civil servants. To the contrary, interactions between the state and economic and social actors (producers, trade unions, traders, consumers) were a central part of the question.

The diversity of political systems and situations of war in Europe during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries provides opportunities for specific analyses of the political issues involved in food supply as well as the economic and political controls employed to manage them. Neutral states may be as interesting to study as direct belligerents. We also welcome proposals on single case studies as well as compared perspectives.

Researchers interested in presenting a paper at this conference should send an abstract and a title before 30 June to Alain Chatriot (