Vortrag: Susan Zimmermann: Equality of Women’s Economic Status? A Weighty Bone of Contention in Global Gender Governance Emerging in the Interwar Period, 08.12.2016, Wien

Vortrag im Rahmen der Tagung „Liberal-(Il)liberal-Internationalisms: New Paradigms for the History of the Twentieth Century“ (Cfp im Web)
Zeit: 08.12.2016, 10.35 Uhr
Ort: Vorwärtshaus, Rechte Wienzeile 97, 1050 Wien
Aus dem CfP: Regular followers of the Toynbee Prize Foundation’s Global History Forum feature will recall one of our interviews with the Australian historian of modern Russia and the Soviet Union Philippa Hetherington, whose work touches on the history of sex trafficking and the inflection of themes of gender with international history. Fortunately for readers of our blog, Hetherington (University College London) and three other scholars of international history – Glenda Sluga (Sydney), Peter Becker (Vienna), and Natasha Wheatley (Sydney) – have teamed up to organize what looks like a fascinating conference to take place in Vienna, Austria, in December 2016, titled „Liberal-(Il)liberal-Internationalisms: New Paradigms for the History of the Twentieth Century.” (Read more … CfP)