CfP: Desiring Just Economies / Just Economies of Desire (Event:l Conference, Berlin, 06/2010); DL: 20.01.2010

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Zeit: June 24-26 2010
Ort: Berlin
Deadline: 20.01.2010

Confirmed Speakers: Lisa Duggan, Kevin Floyd, Josephine Ho, Ratna Kapur, Desiree Lewis, Anne McClintock, Donald Morton

The conference seeks to explore how desire not only sustains current economies, but also carries the potential for inciting new forms of understanding and doing economy. We propose to focus on the notion of desire as a tool to explore economy’s sexual dimension as much as the economic dimension of sexuality.

Drawing on Queer Theory we understand desire as historically structured by heterosexual norms, while simultaneously functioning as a structuring force itself – thus inscribing reproductive heteronormativity to subjectivity and society. Presuming that desire can be envisioned beyond heteronormative restrictions and that this bears on the idea of justice, the question arises whether the pursuit of economic and sexual justice can be made to coincide when economy is queered by desire. Rather than a realisable universal norm, the term justice is employed as a contestable term, offering possibility for debate and political practice. The conference’s twin interest lies in unpacking how sexuality is implicit in economic processes and in unfolding how economy is linked to sexuality. How do current global economic processes (including production, reproduction, consumption, circulation, speculation) constitute specific sexual identities and practices that collaborate in relations of exploitation, domination, and subjectivation? Conversely, how do ways of organizing sexuality influence economic processes?

In addition to exploring the reciprocal relation between sexuality and economy, the conference inquires into how a queer reconceptualization of desire may emerge as a destabilizing and transformative force in economic relations. One of the aims of the conference is to fashion space for imagining „other“ economies or imagining economy „otherwise“, as well as for the deployment of the concept of desire in ways that allow for a reworking of social relationships and economic practices. The presumption here is that global capitalism is not a monolith; rather, there exist diverse capitalisms and diverse economies. For instance, economic practices in the fields of migration and diasporas, subcultural economies, gift and barter economies and cooperative economies do not all conform to the capitalist logics.

„Desiring Just Economies / Just Economies of Desire“ is an international, transdisciplinary conference that welcomes a wide range of presentations, from academic papers to experimental writing, lecture performances, and visual presentations. We invite scholars, activists and artists inspired by queer and postcolonial theory to submit abstracts that relate to the questions raised in the full CFP. It is attached to this email and available at:

Deadline for submission of abstracts: 20 January 2010

Organizers: Nikita Dhawan (Frankfurt Research Center for Postcolonial Studies [FRCPS], Excellence Cluster „Formation of Normative Orders“ Goethe-University Frankfurt), Antke Engel (Institute for Queer Theory, Berlin/Hamburg), Christoph Holzhey (ICI Berlin Institute for Cultural Inquiry), Volker Woltersdorff (SFB „Cultures of the Performative“, FU Berlin)

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„Desiring Just Economies / Just Economies of Desire“ fragt danach, wie Begehren aktuelle Ökonomien aufrecht erhält, jedoch auch das Potenzial birgt, neue Formen des Wirtschaftens oder des Verständnisses von Wirtschaft zu inspirieren. Wir schlagen vor, dass Begehren sowohl Zugänge eröffnet, um die sexuellen Dimensionen der Ökonomie als auch die ökonomischen Dimensionen der Sexualität zu untersuchen. In der Annahme, dass Begehren jenseits heteronormativer Prämissen verstanden werden kann, und dass hinter dieser Annahme ein Streben nach Gerechtigkeit (sexual justice) steht, entwickelt sich die Frage: Treffen sich das Anliegen sexueller Gerechtigkeit und das Anliegen ökonomischer Gerechtigkeit, wenn das Begehren die Ökonomie queered? Die Konferenz verfolgt also die dreifache Perspektive, deutlich zu machen, wie Sexualität den Wirtschaftsprozessen eingeschrieben ist, wie Ökonomie sexuelle Verhältnisse bestimmt, und was beides mit Gerechtigkeit zu tun hat bzw. mit Unrechtserfahrungen verbunden ist. Inwiefern bringen gegenwärtige Globalisierungsprozesse (der Produktion, Reproduktion, Konsumtion, Zirkulation und Spekulation) spezifische sexuelle Identitäten und Praktiken hervor, die in unterschiedlicher Weise in Ausbeutungs- Dominanz- und Unterwerfungsprozesse verwickelt sind? Und umgekehrt, wie kann über die Art, wie Sexualität organisiert ist, auf Wirtschaftsprozesse Einfluss genommen werden?

Die Konferenz ist eine Kooperation des Frankfurt Research Center for Postcolonial Studies (Goethe-Universität Frankfurt), des Instituts für Queer Theory (Hamburg/Berlin), des ICI Berlin Institute for Cultural Inquiry und SFB „Kulturen des Performativen“ (FU Berlin).

Organisator_innen: Nikita Dhawan, Antke Engel, Christoph Holzhey, Volker Woltersdorff

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