CfP: Gendering the Urban Imaginary: Fantasy, Affect, Transgression (Event: 05/2017, Debrecen); DL: 06.02.2017

file_9247The Gender, Translocality and the City Research Group, University of Debrecen: Ágnes Györke, Department of British Studies; Imola Bülgözdi, North American Department

Time: 12-13 May 2017
Venue: University of Debrecen, Hungary, Institute of English and American Studies
Proposals by: 6 February 2017

  • Keynote speaker: John McLeod, University of Leeds, UK

The Gender, Translocality and the City Research Group is pleased to announce its 2nd annual conference, which is going to explore the role of gender, fantasy, and emotion in the production of urban space. Papers focusing on urban fantasy in 20th- and 21th-century anglophone literary, visual and cultural studies are invited for presentation, and the organzisers also encourage submissions relying on psychogeographical approaches to explore the (post)modern imaginary of city life.

Papers investigating the modern(ist) city, postmodern labyrinths, art and the aestheticization of urban space, the playable city, uncanny metropolises, paranormal urban worlds, suburban and subterranean space, spectral cities and fantasy scapes, for instance, are welcome. Presentations addressing „the mutually defining relation between bodies and cities“ (Elizabeth Grosz) will be considered as well, especially if focusing on the „atmosphere“ (Teresa Brennan) or „sense of place“ (Jon Anderson) as the … read more (Web).