CfP: The Gender of Sovereignity in European Politics and Aesthetics (Event, 12/2017, Leuven); DL: 01.08.2017

GG_3458_364KU Leuven (Web)

Veneu: Leuven, BE
Time: December 18-20, 2017
Proposals due: August 1, 2017

The conference on the gender of sovereignty in European politics and aesthetics wants to bring together investigations that revisit issues of gender and sovereignty from a variety of disciplines. The historical scope of the conference ranges from the beginnings of modernity to the present. The organizers invite papers that address imaginations of sovereignty in political and cultural discourse either through case-studies or in comprehensive analyses envisioning a modified history. Topics of interests include but are not restricted to:

  • Women’s sovereignty in politics, the arts and different media and performances: cases, modifications and ambivalences
  • Metonymies of sovereignty (in civic life and cultural networks)
  • Fantasies of female rule in intellectual or poetical discourse
  • Gender, authority and literary and artistic genres
  • Beyond the public eye: experiences and reflections of power in correspondence, diaries and memoirs
  • History and historiography: from historicism to biopolitics
  • Pathological scripts of female rule
  • Bodies of female rule. Read more … (Web)