New Call for Panels for the 2011 Berkshire Conference on the History of Women (06/2011, Amherst)

2011 Berkshire Conference on the History of Women (Web)

Time: June 9-12 2011
Place: University of Massachusetts in Amherst

Call for Panels

  • Panel: Representations of Women’s Education; DL: –
  • Panel: Modernity, Aging, and Health; DL: 01.03.2010
  • Roundtable on teaching women’s leadership; DL: 01.03.2010

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CFPanelists: 2011 Berks–Representations of Women’s Education

Hi all, I am interested in finding contributions for the following panel: „Representations of Women’s Education“. I am seeking panelists who explore the representation of women’s education in a variety of texts–literary, visual, historical, among others.

Papers which go further to explore how these representations resonate with political and philosophical arguments about women’s rights and citizenship are especially welcome. Questions we will be asking include: what is the significance of women’s education, and how do representations of this subject play into the political arena? How do representations of women’s education differ across different times and spaces, if at all?

Kindly contact me off-list.
Best regards
Adeline Koh, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Postcolonial Literature
Richard Stockton College

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CFPanelists: Berks 2011–Modernity, Aging, and Health

I am seeking participants for a Berks panel about the effects of modernity, defined loosely, on women’s aging and health. My own paper will explore women’s aging in the context of American youth culture in the 1920s, especially amidst warnings from doctors and other health professionals that the stresses of modern life were causing women to deteriorate physically and die prematurely. These warnings are particularly interesting in contrast with competing claims of the era that young women’s involvement with sports made them healthier than previous generations.

I welcome suggestions for related papers, such as papers related to modernity and women’s aging and/or health, women and youth culture, or the relationship between physical fitness and aging. I also welcome ideas for papers that address different regions or time periods.

Please send me a brief description of your research interests and ideas for a related paper. The deadline for submissions is March 1.

Dr. Helen Zoe Veit
Assistant Professor, History
Michigan State University
517-432-8222, ex. 129

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CFParticipants: Roundtable on teaching women’s leadership

I recently posted a query asking for suggestions of films to use in a class on Women, Leadership, and Social Change. The responses I received lead me to think about the usefulness of doing a roundtable on teaching about women’s leadership.

People had lots of ideas to share beyond just film titles and many respondents seemed curious about how I taught my class. I know I would appreciate the opportunity to assess what I have been doing in the classroom and hear some new ideas from others. Anyone interested? Both the Berks (June 9-12, 2011 in Amherst, MA) and the National Women’s Studies Association (Denver, Nov 11-14, 2010) conference seem like likely settings for such a discussion.

Berks deadline is March 1.

NWSA deadline is also March 1.

Please let me know if you are interested and which conference you prefer!

Georgina Hickey
Associate Professor of History
University of Michigan – Dearborn

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