Klicktipp: The Margaret Richards Millar Papers. Catholic Women’s Service in WWI (Portal)

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This collection consists of correspondence, clippings, a diary, and photographs, and memorabilia highlighting the work of Margaret Millar and the National Catholic War Council „Women Workers“ in France immediately following the First World War. (Link)

“Mother Millar,” or Margaret Richards Millar, was the head of the “Women Workers” sent from the United States to France by the newly-formed National Catholic War Council (NCWC) as part of the Committee on Special War Activities. Roughly a century ago, as the US increased its role in the First World War, the NCWC – predecessor to today’s USCCB – organized social clubs for the American Expeditionary Force. Placed throughout Western Europe, these clubs were operated by female staff, and necessitated a strong-willed and well-connected person to get the project off the ground in war-ravaged Europe. Millar was just that person. Read more … (Web)