CfP: 1968 and its legacies: workshops, symposium, and film screenings (Event, 06/2018, London); DL: 15.12.2017

King’s College London (Web)

Venue: King’s College London
Time: 15.-17.06.2018 June 15th – Sunday, June 17th, 2018
Abstract Submission: December 15th, 2017

This symposium will bring together a large number of high-profile activists who were ‘ringleaders’ of the protests as well as artists and filmmakers who broke new ground in the accompanying counterculture. Their round table discussions and presentations will be accompanied by a number of panels, consisting of papers by established and emerging scholars from a wide variety of disciplines, focused on the theme of ‘1968 and its legacies’.

For the symposium, we invite proposals for twenty minute papers on any aspect of the politics of protest or counterculture circa 1968. Papers may address any international context, bearing in mind that the timing of events in the late 1960s varied from place to place. Papers may also focus primarily on those events or on their subsequent and continuing influence. Examples of broad themes which proposals might address include: Read more … (Web)