CfP: Cooperation and self-government: Sociopolitical experiments in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries (Event, 09/2018, Paris); DL: 25.02.2018

German Historical Institute, Paris; Univ. of Konstanz; in cooperation with the Univ. of Rouen; Ludivine Bantigny (Rouen), Anne Kwaschik, and Sven Reichardt (Konstanz) (Web)

Time: 17.-19.09.2018
Venue: German Historical Institute, Paris
Proposals due 25.02.2018

In the wake of the 1968 movement, many people tested alternative models of habitation, labour and living. In self-descriptions and research, these models have been characterised as movements away from the ‘coldness’ of capitalism towards the intimacy of a self-established and self-governed social collective. (Reichardt, 2014) The search for a state of freedom from society and the theoretical reasoning behind it were viewed as products of an aversion to the reality principle (‘All power to the imagination!’) and inserted into the tradition of a Romantic project. Within this context, lines have been drawn from the turn-of-the-century life reform and youth reform movements to the 1968 movement. Regardless of clear differences in self-conception and historical contextualisation, similar views are also relevant for the early socialist production cooperatives and settlement projects that were realised after 1820 by the supporters of and dissenters from Robert Owen and Charles Fourier. (Kwaschik, 2017)

These movements however created new spaces that … read more and source (Web).