CfP: thirdspace: a journal of feminist theory & culture; DL: 15.05.2010

The editors of thirdspace: a journal of feminist theory & culture (Web) invite you to submit your work for our next „open topic“ issue to be published in March 2011.

Deadline for submission: May 15 2010.

thirdspace is a peer-reviewed journal, offering work in English and French, that aims to present the best in scholarship on feminist theory and culture.

Our mandate is to publish top-quality research that demonstrates a wide range of applications for feminist theory and methodology. We envision a broad definition of studies in „feminist theory and culture“ which can include, but are not limited to: development and applications of feminist theory in any field; cultures of feminism and feminist movement (including academia); and feminist cultural studies.

For more information about the journal, please see our new site:

We welcome submissions from a wide range of disciplinary and geographical perspectives. Submissions from researchers working within, or among, the disciplines of history, geography, sociology, literature, area studies, cultural studies, film/media studies, education, law, and women?s/gender studies are particularly encouraged. Submissions may be in English or French.

We accept the submission of work from scholars of any rank or affiliation,and especially encourage submissions from emerging feminist scholars, including graduate students.

Articles should be between 4000-6500 words and include an abstract and brief biography.

For our essay section, we encourage creative, non-fiction critical reflections on feminism and feminist scholarship. (NB: we do not accept fiction for publication.)

Articles and essays on feminist teaching and learning are also very welcome.

Please see our sections policies guide for more information:

To submit, please follow our online submission process at:

Our submissions guidelines MUST be adhered to for all submissions – please see:

Note: submissions that come in after the deadline of May 15 2010 will not necessarily be considered for the March 2011 issue and may be held over for consideration for a later issue.

For more information, contact us at info [at]


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