International Federation for Research in Women’s History (IFRWH): NEWSLETTER, Summer 2018, Issue 64 (Publication)

International Federation for Research in Women’s History/Federation Internationale pour des Femmes (Web) Newsletter Summer 2018/Issue 64, online (PDF)

The IFRWH/FIRHF was founded in April 1987. The first meeting of national committee representatives was held in 1989, in Bellagio, Italy, with the assistance of the Rockefeller Foundation.

The Aim of IFRWH/FIRHF is to encourage and coordinate research in all aspects of women’s history at the international level, by promoting exchange of information and publication and by arranging and assisting in arranging large-scale international conferences as well as more restricted and specialized meetings. National Committees serve as liaison between communities of researchers and the Federation. Read more … (Web)

Newsletter Summer 2018/Issue 64 online (PDF)