Masculine Identifications: An Interdisciplinary Conference, 10.-11.07.2010, Huddersfield/UK ; DL: 30.06.2010

Date: 10.-11.07.2010
Location: Huddersfield/UK
Closing date for registration: 30.06.2010
This conference aims to explore the significance of ideas of identity and identification in the contemporary study of masculinities. Plenary speakers:

  • Dr. Paul Baker, Lancaster University
  • Dr. Dawn Hadley, University of Sheffield
  • Professor Andrew Smith, University of Glamorgan

The development of masculinities as a distinctive area of research coincided with the prominence of identity politics in the 1990s and the growth of the fields of gender studies and queer theory, which spread across a variety of disciplines in the humanities and social sciences. These developments not only have complicated our understanding of masculine norms but also raise questions about how these norms have been sustained and/or transformed by various discourses, practices and texts, ranging from spectacular public interventions to everyday domestic performances.
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