CfP: 6th EUROPEAN SYMPOSIUM ON GENDER & ICT. Feminist Interventions in Theories and Practices, (Umeå, 03/2011); DL: 01.10.2010

Pre-conference workshop on Gender and Technology Curricula
Place: Umeå University, Sweden
Time: March 8th -10th 2011
Deadline: 01.10.2010
Information Technology is everywhere, shaping the way we experience our lives, the world and each other. Some digital transformations reveal new possibilities for improving social conditions, while others suggest that social inequality may be increasing. In a changing society, understandings of digitalization and politics become important. Also, the performative and co-constructive nature of gender-technology-work relations points to the importance of paying attention to many kinds of actors (elements) in understanding ICT. As such one of the pressing questions to contemporary gender and feminist research is: How does gender and feminist research intervene in and contribute to new directions and sustainable futures of ICT-based practices?
Further Information, Program, etc. (PDF)

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