Conference: Care-Practices of Fathers in International Comparison: Do Policies Matter?, 16.-18.01.2020, Landshut

Barbara Thiessen and Kathrin Peltz (Hochschule Landshut); Marina Adler (Univ. of Maryland, Baltimore County); Karl Lenz and Tino Schlinzig (TU Dresden); , Claudia Zerle-Elsäßer (Deutsches Jugendinstitut e.V.) (Web)
Venue: Hochschule Landshut (near Munich)
Time: 16.-18.01.2020
Scholars from a variety of European countries including the U.K., Iceland, Lithuania, Sweden, Spain and Hungary, China and the U.S. will present recent research findings.
The thematic focus is on the tensions among paternal everyday practices and gender-based welfare state structures in the context of diverse family forms, critical life events and legal requirements.

  • Keynote speaker: Barbara Hobson (Stockholm University)

A special goal of the DFG sponsored conference is also the establishment of an international research network and the establishment of transnational cooperation. This will be facilitated by the exchange of ideas in reflection groups – small breakout sessions for researchers with similar research interests – after each session. The last day is dedicated to providing opportunities for networking and collaboration.
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