CfP: Populism, Gender and Feminist Politics: Between the Backlash and the Resistance (Event, 07/2020, Florence); by: 25.02.2020

Conference at the Faculty of Political and Social Science, Scuola Normale Superiore, Florence (SNS) (Web): Manuela Caiani and Francesca Feo

Venue: Firenze/Florence
Time: 02.-03.07.2020
Proposals by: 25.02.2020

  • Keynotes lectures: Eva Anduiza (Univ. Autònoma de Barcelona), Andrea Krizsán (Central European Univ.) (TBC), Bice Maiguascha (Univ. of Exeter)

In the present context of social insecurity and political realignment, populist parties and movements are everywhere on the rise, both on the left and on the right. In the abundant literature now available in the field of populism studies, there is increasing attention to the complex relationship between populism, gender and feminist politics.

This 2-days international conference wants to provide a space to deepen the discussion around the diverse ways in which gender is constructed, mobilized and contested in the populist political moment.

Benefitting from a widespread sense of crisis, the populist surge also confronts neoliberal hegemony. While left-wing populism rails against economic neoliberalism, the populist right is mounting an attack on neoliberal culture, in which anti-feminism takes centre stage. As Nancy Fraser describes, ‘authoritarian populism’ takes aim at a regime of ‘progressive neoliberalism’, a form of elitist liberalism that managed to co-opt and disarm the emancipatory agenda put forward by the New Social Movements since the 1970s.

This diagnosis has been contested, but it raises interesting questions about the position of feminism in the populist dichotomy between the establishment and the people. Read more … (Web)