Klicktipp: NOTCHES: (Re)Marks on the history of sexuality (Weblog)

NOTCHES: (Re)Marks on the history of sexuality (Web)

NOTCHES is a open-access, peer-reviewed, collaborative and international weblog, sponsored by the Raphael Samuel History Centre (London)  (Web).

Several posts are published per month. The contributions are sorted by different categories. In addition to a geographical assignment or an order according to time periods, there are also content categories. These are – among others – the following:

Archives of Desire

  • 2 of the latest posts: “Well Known as Miss Betty Cooper”: Gender Expression in 18th-Century Boston / Like a Virgin? The Medieval Origins of a Modern Debate

History of Sexuality

  • 2 of the latest posts: Some Like It Hot: Sex and the Sauna in Early Modern Sweden / Dance! Dance! Dance!: Youth Culture and Courtship at Queen’s University, 1910-1930

Medicine and Sexualities

  • 2 of the latest posts: Naming & Shaming Women: Reporting on VD Trials During WWI / Resisting the Virus of Prejudice: Sex Workers Fight the AIDS Panic


  • 2 of the latest posts: “Men Working Together!”: The Queer Masculinity of World War Two Propaganda / Following in Vesta’s footsteps! How to name queerness in museums

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