Klicktipp: Aspasia: The International Yearbook of Central, Eastern, and Southeastern European Women’s and Gender History (Open Access)

Aspasia: The International Yearbook of Central, Eastern, and Southeastern European Women’s and Gender History. Vol. 14 (Web)

The newest issue of Aspasia has published in open access is through the Knowledge Unlatched Select initiative (Web).

Aspasia is the international peer-reviewed annual of women’s and gender history of Central, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe (CESEE). It aims to transform European women’s and gender history by expanding comparative research on women and gender to all parts of Europe, creating a European history of women and gender that encompasses more than the traditional Western European perspective.


  • Sharon A. Kowalsky: Editor’s Introduction (Web)
  • Janet Elise Johnson a. Mara Lazda: In Memoriam Ann Snitow (1943-2019) (Web) // Ioana Cîrstocea: Challenges and Pitfalls of Feminist Sisterhood in the Aftermath of the Cold War. In loving memory of Ann Snitow (1943-2019), founder of the Network of East-West Women (Web)
  • Biljana Dojcinovic a. Goran Petrovic: In Memoriam Marina Blagojevic Hughson (1958-2020) (Web)
  • Julie Hemment a. Valentina Uspenskaya: „The 1990s Wasn’t Just a Time of Bandits; We Feminists Were Also Making Mischief!“: Celebrating 20 Years of Feminist Enlightenment Projects in Tver‘ (Web)


  • Nicoleta Roman: Educating the Other: Foreign Governesses in Wallachia in the First Half of the 19th Century (Web)
  • Magdalena Kozcowska: „Did You Teach Us to Do Otherwise?“: Young Women in the Tsukunft Youth Movement in Interwar Poland and Their Role Models (Web)
  • Olena Haleta: Instead of a Novel: Sophia Yablonska’s Travelogues in the History of Modern Ukrainian Literature (Web)
  • Polona Sitar: Stiletto Socialism: Social Class, Dressing Up, and Women’s Self-Positioning in Socialist Slovenia (Web)
  • Agatha Schwartz a. Tatjana Takševa: Between Trauma and Resilience: A Transnational Reading of Women’s Life Writing about Wartime Rape in Germany and Bosnia and Herzegovina (Web)

Book Review Essays

  • Chiara Bonfiglioli: Women’s Activism, the Cold War, and the UN Decade for Women (1975–1985) (Web)
  • Evguenia Davidova: Public Health in Eastern Europe: Visible Modernization and Elusive Gender Transformation (Web)
  • Valentina Mitkova: The Making of Intellectual Women (Web)

Book Reviews

  • Maria Bucur, Alexandra Ghit, Ayce Durakbasa, Ivana Pantelic, Rochelle Goldberg Ruthchild, Elizabeth A. Wood, Anna Müller, Galina Goncharova, Zorana Antonijevic, Katarzyna Sierakowska, Andrea Feldman, Maria Kokkinou, Alexandra Zavos, Marija M. Bulatovic, Siobhán Hearne and Rayna Gavrilova (Web)

Letters to the Editor

  • Ana Miškovska Kajevska: Response to Marina Hughson’s review of Ana Miškovska Kajevska, Feminist Activism at War: Belgrade and Zagreb Feminists in the 1990s, published in Aspasia 13 (2019) (Web)
  • Zilka Spahic Šiljak: Cherry Picking: Response to Andrea Feldman’s Review of Zilka Spahi? Šiljak, ed., Bosanski labirint: Kultura, rod i liderstvo (Bosnian labyrinth: Culture, gender, and leadership), published in Aspasia 14 (2020) (Web)