CfP: Gender in Transformation Processes (Event, 09-10/2021, Graz); by: 10.05.2021

Elisabeth-List-Fellowship-Programme for Gender Research at the University of Graz (Web)

Time: 30.09-02.10.2021
Venue: Graz
Proposals by: 10.05.2021

As part of the Elisabeth-List-Fellowship-Programme for Gender Research at the University of Graz this interdisciplinary symposium focuses on gender in transformation processes from a Central and Southeast European perspective.

In recent scholarship, in the humanities and social sciences alike, gender has crystallized as a central category through which cultural and social changes can be understood and assessed. In the humanities, “gender in transformation” has been referred to as a separate analytical framework determining how the body is socially constructed and power relations are inscribed, whereas the social sciences have tended to approach gender as essential for understanding a wide range of historical and contemporary changes in social, economic and political structures and practices.

The aim of this conference is to examine the frequently contradictory developments concerning gender and modernization in the South East European region, as well as in the neighbouring Central European countries. Namely, while the “modes of modernity” (Touraine) in different countries that make up these two geographical areas are still very different, in the post-2008 crisis context of an increasingly “regressive modernity” (Nachtwey) and an increased economic migration, there are ever more reasons for researchers to engage in comparative studies. This is especially true in view of the claims that “no road maps are available charting predefined ‘gender routes.’” (Mukhopadhyay et al, 2006)

The organizers invite scholars working within and across a number of disciplines, methodologies, and intellectual traditions to contribute to the conference. Topics to be addressed at the conference include but are not limited to: … read more (Web).