CfP: Women, Gender and Risk (European Social Science History Conference 2023); by: 15.04.2022

The ESSHC Women and Gender network at the 14th European Social Science History Conference (Web)

Time – postponed: 12.-15.04.2023
Venue: Gothenburg
Proposals by: 15.04.2022

The 14th European Social Science History Conferenceis was postponed to April 2023.

The ESSHC Women and Gender network invites proposals for individual papers and sessions (3-4 speakers, a chair and a commentator) focusing on interconnections between women, gender and risk in human histories and experiences. The organizers would like to discuss the following issues during the forthcoming conference:

  • How gender impacts experiences of risk for different categories of people in human history;
  • How do we use theory & methods in times of stress and what role do historians play;
  • Need to revisit the figure of learning from history: Gender, education and workplace;
  • Gender-based violence in situations of crisis;
  • Women and epidemic/epidemiology;
  • Global and Asian perspectives on epidemics, women’s work and situations of crisis;
  • Evaluation of women researcher’s work;
  • Women’s movements and their roles in crisis;
  • Women’s Labour: triple burden?
  • Gender-sensitive management of crisis situations;
  • Gender-sensitive response to risk.

The Women and Gender network encourages global and comparative perspectives on gender and risk. Please, send your proposals by 15 April 2022 at pre-registering on the ESSHC website here.

The 14th European Social Science History Conference is organized by the International Institute of Social History in cooperation with the University of Gothenburg.

Bettina Brandt, Marianna Muravyeva, Raisa Toivo
Co-chairs Women and Gender Network
ESSHC, c/o IISG Amsterdam
P.O. Box 2169
1000 CD Amsterdam, + 31 20 6685866