Network: Archives du féminisme, Angers/FR // CfA: Distribution for the creation of a database on French feminisms (Database)

Archives du féminisme (Web)

The association Archives du féminisme aims to make known and to make accessible for research the feminist archives of private origin, whether they are personal or associative funds. Archives du féminisme works to identify, preserve and make available the collections in a network of partner institutions. The association is at the origin of the creation of the Centre des Archives du féminisme in Angers; it works in close relationship with the Marguerite Durand library and La Contemporaine, and contributes to the reporting of the funds in the network of public archives. It develops knowledge of the history of feminism in France and contributes to the writing of this history through scientific publications. Read more in French … (Website)

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Request: Distribution for the creation of a database on French feminisms

Archives du féminisme is working to identify, preserve, and distribute as many archival resources as possible, promoting research about all types of feminism and contributing to their dissemination. The organization brings together people from different intellectual and professional backgrounds, from nonprofit organizations, libraries, and archives, to research centers, universities, and journalism schools. Each of the members is committed to transmitting the rich history of feminism. The Feminism Archives Center in Angers was created by Archives du féminisme. It houses more than 200 linear meters of archives, which have been given or loaned to us by French political organizations, and individuals known for their feminist commitment.

Archives du féminisme wishs to create more cohesion and stimulate international research on feminisms. The international and interdisciplinary database of research on French feminisms would make it possible to put in contact researchers on French feminisms from different countries and create a cohesive network. It will be available on the network’s website (Link) and will be accessible to all.

If you wish to be a part of this database of research on French feminisms, please fill this form (Link). For any clarification or query, do not hesitate to contact from Archives du féminisme.