CfP: Researching gender and sexuality in Eastern European history and post-socialist present: Does race matter? (Event, 03/2022, Stockholm); by: 10.11.2021

Södertörn University, with support of the Baltic Sea Foundation (Web)

Time: 03.-04.2022
Place: Stockholm
Proposals by: 10.11.2021

The Black Lives Matter movement in the US, and the revision of the colonial remnants of the past in the public space and education curricula in many countries of Western Europe, marked the year 2020. The mass grassroots movement led to serious changes in the politics of the representation of history and diversity, and to questioning the organization of research and university curricula in many European countries. But, what about the countries of Eastern Europe and Eurasia? What is happening there with respect to the politics of memory, racism and anti-racism? And what about research on present day racial inequalities and discrimination?

Sociologists, anthropologists and historians often see the region as an outsider to the field of race, racialization and whiteness, which perpetuates an outdated assumption that race is only a matter of the “West”. There is an urgent need to examine participation of the East European region in the production and maintenance of Eurocentrism and racial hierarchies both globally and locally.

The workshop is aimed at analyzing what is occurring with respect to studies of racism, racialization, ethnic discrimination and anti-racism in a cross-section, with research on gender norms and practices, as well as politics in the sphere of sexuality in the countries of Eurasia and Eastern Europe. It will also start the research network that is expected to connect East Europe and Eurasia to global racial formation and global histories of race with a particular focus to their local and regional manifestations. The network will bring together researchers dealing with both historical and contemporary problems. The organizers will prioritize papers looking at the problems of racism from the perspective of gender and sexuality. The organizers are considering a possible publication of a special issue in a peer-reviewed journal.

  • Key-note: Madina Tlostanova (Professor of postcolonial feminism at Tema Genus, Univ. of Linköping, SE): To the East of Eastern Europe: racism(s) old and new, or who is white here? (preliminary title)
  • CfP (as PDF)

In order to participate in the workshop, you should send your abstract (no more than 350 words) and a short bio to and Deadline: November 10, 2021. The information about selected abstracts will be provided by December 10. Selected workshop participants will be provided with hotel accommodation (2 nights) and compensation for the travel costs.

See also the website (Link).