CfA: Gender and Religiosity in Multicultural Societies (Journal „Gender and Society“), DL: 01.02.2011

Journal „Religion and Gender“ (Web

Deadline Abstract:  01.02.2011

For a forthcoming issue of the newly launched journal Religion and Gender we invite contributions, either theoretically or empirically oriented, and from various disciplinary perspectives that address the complex and dynamic relationship between religion and gender in contexts of increased cultural diversity that characterize contemporary societies throughout the world today. We wish to bring together articles offering insights from recent developments and new research at the intersection of gender, religion and ‘multiculturalism’ or ‘multiculturality’ of which the results are hereto often published quite independently due to disciplinary divides.

Papers are welcome of 6000-8000 words (excluding footnotes and references) and shorter papers of 3000-4000 words in which the authors present their views on one specific issue.
Papers should be submitted by 1st February 2011 and emailed in word attachment to:
Nella van den Brandt:
Eva Midden:
Chia Longman:

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