Conference: Social Change in a Feminist Perspective: Situating Gender Research in Times of Political Contention (ATGENDER-Conference 2022), 15.-18.06.2022, Milano

ATGENDER. The European Association for Gender Research, Education and Documentation (Web)
Time: 15.-18.06.2022
Venue: University of Milano-Bicocca
The contribution of feminist, transfeminist and lgbtqia+ reflections – thanks to their intersectional perspective – is capable to enrich and invest the central themes of social transformations, offering spaces for new alliances in cultural and political struggles. Additionally, social change is a complex enterprise that can be approached only through a multidisciplinary and intersectional prism, and feminisms teach us precisely how to combine different approaches, methodologies and practices to understand such complexity and to produce change.
The current pandemic crisis is bringing to light the unsustainable and deadly contradictions of the socio-economic and environmental system in which we live, both at the global and at the local level. Around us we see polarized responses: heightened individualism, a refuge in populisms, new policies of control of bodies, borders and territories, attacks on rights and delegitimization of social justice demands, backlash in the cultural and social ? but also self-organized solidarity and mutualism from below, and a widespread rethinking of existential and collective priorities. In this situation, which responses can be advanced from feminist and intersectional standpoints?
An active investigation on what spaces / relations / canons we build, how we inhabit them, which relationships these spaces/relations/canons embodied is a vital question that flows over the threads of time. Against this background, the need to call into question the gaze through which we acknowledge social change becomes an imperative. Read more … (Web)
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