Discusion: Aleksandar Rankovic, Perica Jovchevski, and Kathleen Zeidler: Collecting and Archiving LGBTIQ+ and Women’s Movements in the (Post-)Yugoslav Space, 25.04.2022, Vienna and virtual space

Fakultätszentrum für transdisziplinäre historisch-kulturwissenschaftliche Studien (FakZen THKS): Gesprächsreihe Disziplinen in Bewegung (Web)

Zeit: 25.04.2022, 18:30-20:00 Uhr
Ort: Fakultätszentrum, Koling. 14-16, 1090 Wien, and virtual space

Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual and queer, as well as feminist activists have created a vast array of materials bearing witness to their struggle for liberation: magazines, photographs, books, papers, reports, leaflets and videos are tangible products of their historical agency. Recent activities in collecting, curating, and exhibiting these traces speak of an on-going process of (self-)historicization which raises a variety of significant questions:
How and where have archives been established by LGBTIQ+ and feminist activists across the Post-Yugoslav space? Is there a conflict of interest when activists themselves create archival knowledge? How can processes of LGBTIQ+ and feminist (self-)historicization look like in and beyond the (Post-)Yugoslav space? Which obstacles do activists face when creating archives? Where do we locate sexualities beyond LG in the context of LGBTIQ+ archives? Can there be a queer/feminist practice of collecting and archiving?

The topic is discussed by these researchers:

  • Aleksandar Rankovic (Institut für Zeitgeschichte der Univ. Wien) (Web)
  • Perica Jovchevski (Doctoral School, Central European Univ.)
  • Kathleen Zeidler (Graduate School, Univ. Leipzig)

This discussion will bring together perspectives of both practices of curating and of historical research based on LGBTIQ+/feminist related archival sources with a particular focus on (Post-)Yugoslavia.
The event will take place live in compliance with the current COVID-regulations. Please register in advance at admin.thks@univie.ac.at if you want to join on site. If you want to follow online via Zoom please register here (Web).

Source: admin.thks@univie.ac.at