Conference: Why (Queer) History Matters: The Politics of History, 29.-30.08.2022, Bergen, Norway

University of Bergen, Tone Hellesund (Web)

Time: 29.-30.08.2022
Venue: University of Bergen, Norway

Neglect and erasure of queer history has been the norm in all national histories until quite recently. In this conference we address how this highly problematic practice of history can also enable the eradication of LGBT+ rights in contemporary societies. For, in some places LGBT communities are seen as a national threat while in others, homo-tolerance is instrumentalized to build national self-identity. In both cases, interest in and knowledge of queer history is usually absent.

This conference therefore asks: How are national histories cleansed of unwanted elements? What role does ignorance and censorship play? Can the lack of knowledge of queer history be fundamental to contemporary oppression of queers? If so, what can be done to preserve and disseminate queer histories?

The conference offers reflections and examples on how and why queer history matters in different contexts. Norway officially opened its national queer archive in Bergen in 2015, and queer history is slowly starting to appear as a legitimate academic field in line with other academic fields of research also in Norway.



  • 10.00: Guided tour in the queer history exhibition at the University Museum
  • 11.10: Tone Hellesund (Cultural Studies, Univ. of Bergen): Norway & the queer history context – the Norwegian Queer archive
  • 12:45: Dan Healey (Russian History, Univ. of Oxford): The roots of Russian homophobia, and why historical research matters
  • 13:30: Evren Savci (Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Yale Univ.): Queer history and neoliberal Islam. Read more … (Web)