International Summer School: Gender and Body Dynamics. New turns in Theory, Methodology and Case studies, 08/2011, Copenhagen

 International Summer School, University of Copenhagen
Time: August 10th-26th, 2011.
Venue: University of Copenhagen
The summer school will from a range of interdisciplinary approaches and methodological turns expose gendered and body focused representations in politics, law and media as well as in the fields of sexuality, health and nutrition. The lectures will be presented by an interdisciplinary team of faculty members from University of Copenhagen.
·Who owns the body and who disposes over the different parts?
·Who are responsible for choices and regulations?
·What are the implications of the current ideas of gender, that have become more fluent and multiple?
Teacher and principal co-ordinator: Dr. Hilda Rømer Christensen, Associate Professor, Head of the Co-ordination for gender studies, Department of Sociology, University of Copenhagen.
10 Ects course BA/MA level
For more information see:
Website of the Department of Sociology: or
The international Office, University of Copenhagen:

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