Conference: Salon Exchange: Music-Cultural Exchange and the Ninteenth-Century Salon, 18.-19.07.2022, Prague and virtual space

Nancy November (Univ. of Auckland, New Zealand) and Anja Bunzel (Czech Academy of Sciences) (Web)

Time: 18-19 July 2022
Location: Institute of Art History, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague, and Zoom

Programm (Web)

Exploring aspects of cultural exchange holistically and across regional borders, this symposium focuses on musical repertoire performed and conceived within the context of the ‘European’ salon during the long nineteenth century. It will bring together scholars from various geographical areas both within and outside of Europe, and is especially concerned with the inclusion of so-called peripheral cultural centres. It thus aims to decolonise musical historiography by adding to existing research studies of lesser-known salons and new perspectives on well-known cultural centres.

European salon culture has been researched for a number of years. Individual salons, i.e. regular semi-public social gatherings in private homes, have been explored with a view to their socio-cultural, political, and creative implications on the people hosting, visiting, and communicating about them. However … read more (Web).


  1. Salon Culture in the Americas
  2. The Mid-Nineteenth Century Salon in the Americas: Scores, Pianism, Sociability, and Cultural Networks
  3. Cultural Transfer in Dutch and Finnish salons
  4. … in the So-Called “East”
  5. … and the Elite
  6. … and Performance