Sessions „Gendered Work, Gendered Struggles: Working Women’s Activism in Long-Term and Comparative Perspective“ and „Rediscovering spaces of gender history in Poland and Czechoslovakia“, 24.-25.08.2022, Poznań

The International Federation for Research in Women’s History (IFRWH) (Web)

Time: 24.-25.08.2022
Venue: Poznań, Poland

The IFRWH organizes these two sessions at the XXIII International Congress of Historical Sciences 2020/2022 in Poznań in Poland (Web)

Gendered Work, Gendered Struggles: Working Women’s Activism in Long-Term and Comparative Perspective (Link)

  • Veronika Helfert and Katharina Hermann: Women on strike! Participation of women in mass strike movements in Austria and Switzerland at the end of First World War
  • Anne Zacharias-Walsh: By women, for women: The rise of women-only labor unions in Japan
  • Cristina Borderias and Manuela Martini: Gendered division of work and labour conflicts in the Lyon silk and Barcelona cotton trades in the 19th century
  • Laura Savelli: The State Must Be the Role Model. Issues and struggles of women workers in PTT services in the first half of the 20th century
  • Emma Amador: Demanding Equality: Puerto Rican Women Workers and the Fight for Social Security in the US Territories
  • Görkem Akgöu and Alexandra Ghit: Peripheral to industrial work? Gendered bodies and sexualities in post-1945 labor’s discourses in Turkey and Romania
  • Immanuel Harisch: Paving the way for women workers at the workplace and within unions: Nigerian women trade union officials and their labor activism during the 1960s
  • Chair: Susan Zimmermann

Rediscovering spaces of gender history in Poland and Czechoslovakia (Web)

  • Dietlind Hüchtker: Space and gender. Autobiographical texts of 1961 in postwar Poland
  • Monika Rudas-Grodzka: Interdisciplinary Reflections on the Women’s Archive ProjectDobrochna KALWA: Women’s history from below. Emancipation comes to the village. Women’s activity and strategies of agency in interwar Poland
  • Katarzyna Stanczak-Wislicz and Barbara Klich-Kluczewska: Production of knowledge. Between Biopolitical Discourse and Women’s Experiences of Body and Sexuality in Post-Stalinist Poland
  • Denia Necasova: Gender and state socialism. The Celebration of International Women´s Day in Czechoslovakia, 1945-1960
  • Chairs: Yuko Takahashi and Tiina Kinnunen