CfP: Oral Traditions, Written Histories – A Women’s History Conference of Nigeria in Honour of Bolanle Awe (02/2023, Ibadan/Nigeria); by: 30.09.2022

The University of Texas at Austin, University of Lagos, and University of Ibadan (Web)

Time: 13.-14.02 2023
Venue: University of Ibadan, Nigeria
Proposals by: 30.09.2022

History is undoubtedly the lifeline of every human society. It is an integral element in the intertwined processes of development and civilisation, which influence cultures, beliefs, and perceptions. Whether oral or written, history promotes data collection that helps put past trends in perspective and predicts future happenings as part of its role in achieving a sense of socio-philosophical coherence in any human context.

Bolanle Awe has made unrivalled contributions to Nigerian female historiography in particular and African history in general. As a result, the „Bolanle Awe @ 90 Conference“ will draw on the scholarship, career, and legacy of Nigeria’s foremost female history professor and professor of Oral History. Read more and source … (Web)

The organizers invite papers on the following areas and closely related ones:

  • Bolanle Awe and Oral History | and Gender Studies | and WORDOC (Leadership, Mentorship and Succession) | and Yoruba/Nigerian History
  • Illustrious Women in Nigerian History
  • Women and Domesticity in Modern Nigeria
  • Women in the Nigerian Public Sphere
  • Nigerian Women in Popular Culture and the Arts
  • Gender Studies in Nigeria
  • Women Historians in the Past 60 Years
  • Studies of Oral History in the Past 60 Years
  • Professional Oral Historians Outside the Academy
  • Advances in African Historiography
  • Oral Traditions and Digital Technology
  • New Sources in African Historiography