Discussion: Queerness in (Post-)Yugoslavia: History and Activism 16.11.2022, Vienna

Department of Slavonic Studies (Web)

Time: 16.11.2022, 18:30 Uhr
Venue: Department of Slavonic Studies, Spitalg. 2-4, Hof 3, 1090 Wien

This event brings together different experiences and perspectives on the history of queerness and contemporary issues of queer activism in the post-Yugoslav space. The panelists will unfold, each in their own practice, the many ways of resisting and creating alternatives to heteronormative ideals of identity and society. Drawing from critical research and artistic practice, the panel aims at providing an opportunity to engage with a variety of different topics – ranging from intersectionality to queer liberation, from performance to the disruption of gender binaries. At the same time, the panel will create a specific possibility for engaging with topics across the timeline of queer activism starting in the Yugoslav 1980s and stretching well into present debates on EuroPride Belgrade.


  • Marina Gržinić, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
  • Saša Kesić, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
  • Markiza de Sada/Vladimir Bjeličić, Ephemeral Confessions, independent curator/performer
  • Moderation: Aleksandar Ranković + Miranda Jakiša, University of Vienna

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