Webinar: Poblaciones Emblemáticas in urban Chile: Marginality, gender, and the institutionalization of poverty, 24.11.2022, virtual space

Tübingen Science Bridge – Latin America (Web)

Time: 24.11.2022, 18.00 Uhr
Venue: virtual space via Tübingen

The webinar will focus on the area of Society and Urbanization. The lecture has the participation of Damián Omar Martínez (Univ. of Tübingen) and  Javier Ruiz-Tagle Venero (Catholic Univ. of Chile). They will put on the agenda the theme ‚Poblaciones Emblemáticas‘ in urban Chile: Marginality, gender and the institutionalization of poverty:
‘Poblaciones Emblemáticas’ (emblematic poor neighborhoods) are historical settlements of urban poverty in large Chilean cities, established during the second half of the 20th century, whose identity is marked by four key characteristics: (1) they were created through collective action and combining land squatters, self-construction, community organization and institutional struggle, (2) they were the territorial base of Movimiento de Pobladores (large urban social movement for housing), (3) they were subject of political violence and resistance during the Military Dictatorship, and (4) they maintain a communitarian narrative about their history, with a strong territorial identity.
In the talk, the participants will delve into some case studies to show how urban marginality in these neighborhoods has been reconfigured through the historical trajectories of the institutional framework of poverty, i.e. actions and inactions of the State, and gender roles at the domestic, organizational and labor sphere.

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The „Tübingen Science Bridge – Latin America“
The Baden-Württemberg Center for Brazil and Latin America at the Univ. Tübingen is expanding the successful „Tübingen Science Bridge – Brazil“, which started in April 2022 in cooperation with partner universities in Brazil, to other countries in Latin America. The expansion initially includes Tübingen’s partner universities in Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia, and Mexico. As of now, the program will be also called „Tübingen Science Bridge – Latin America“. As before, the program aims to contribute to the internationalization of science and research. Scientists from several partner institutions will present their latest research data, promoting an integrated and constructive environment for scientific interaction and also contributing global knowledge. The lectures of the „Tübingen Science Bridge“ are aimed at professors and scientific researchers, graduate students, as well as a more the general audience.

The online seminar will be held in English on the ZOOM platform in order to allow discussion and interaction.

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