CfP: Tracing Forms of De/Marginalization (Event, 06/2023, Dresden); by: 05.12.2022

European research network on discourses of marginality and de-marginalization (DeMarg) (PDF)

Zeit: 22.-24.06.2023
Ort: TU Dresden
Einreichfrist: 05.12.2022

DeMarg assumes that traditional juxtapositions of majorities and minorities are hardly adequate to describe heterogeneous societies. Instead of quantitative mappings of society, we pursue an interest in dynamic processes of (self)positioning and unfixed relations of centrali-ty and marginality. Not least against the background of intersectionality, matters of positioning are anything but free of contradictions, which underlines the need for complex scholarly reflection.
The organizers consider these dynamics in connection with a concept of diversity in scenarios of inequality, especially in the framework of Diversity Studies and Contradiction Studies. DeMarg 5 places particular focus on the means of formalization and the materialization of positioning practices. By tracing forms of de/marginalization, we mean analyzing various aspects of formal manifestations and materializations, such as images and symbols, narrative figures, genres and media, as well as institutional practices of de/marginalization. Questions include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. How can dynamics of (self)positioning be understood as phenomena of form?
  2. How do specific uses of media, including new media, impact the strategies that subjects and groups use to position themselves?
  3. Which ways of formalizing social positioning appear in digital environments?
  4. With what purposes and effects are text types and cultural/literary genres, among other formalizing strategies of discourse, used as positioning instruments?
  5. What indexical weight does the reference to traditional genres, for instance, have in current debates? Weiterlesen … (PDF)

Keynote lectures: Silvia Adler and Galia Yanoshevsky (Bar-Illan) and Darieck Scott (Berkeley)

Organizers: Carsten Junker (Dresden), Hanna Acke (Åbo/Turku), Silvia Bonacchi (Warsaw), Charlotta Seiler Brylla (Stockholm), and Ingo H. Warnke (Bremen)