Lecture: Zsófia Lóránd: Do We Care What Women Think? Women’s Political Thought and Feminist Methodologies in East Central Europe, 05.06.2023, Vienna

Key Research Area Women’s and Gender History (Web) and Key Research Area History of Human Rights and Democracy – at the Univ. of Vienna

Time: 05.06.2023, 18.30 Uhr
Venue: Erika-Weinzierl-Saal, Univ. of Vienna, Universitätsring 1, 1010 Vienna

Programme (PDF)

Women’s political thought has been on the margins of intellectual history until very recently, especially when it is the ideas of women in and from East Central Europe. Women however have been describing, discussing and even debating the conditions of good society and a fair state for a long time, and made crucial contributions to the feminist, as well as socialist negotiations of the matter throughout the 20th century. Looking at women’s political thought in East Central Europe in the 20th century, one finds the most original ways of reconceptualizing the political so that it includes the lived realities of women from all walks of life. In her talk, Zsófia Lóránd will demonstrate through examples from Hungary and Yugoslavia how feminist methodologies enable us to subvert gendered hierarchies in the history of political thought.

Zsófia Lóránd is an intellectual historian of feminism in post-WWII state-socialist Eastern Europe. Her book „The Feminist Challenge to the Socialist State in Yugoslavia“ was published in 2018 and got translated into Croatian in 2020. She is bringing to Vienna her ERC Starting Grant „HERESSEE – The History of Feminist Political Thought and Women’s Rights Discourses in East Central Europe 1929–2001“.

  • Zsófia Lóránd: The Feminist Challenge to the Socialist State in Yugoslavia, Springer 2018 (Web)

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